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Are Tech Companies Controlling What We See as News. (INFOGRAPHIC)

For years now we have seen many tech companies grow, these are exciting times in our industry. However for us the Latino Community is still very dependent on spanish language newspapers. Now we are viewing and reading our news on new platforms like tablet and smartphones phone. Now our community relies on Facebook and other…

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FCC May Budge on Cable Box After Hearing From Google and AT&T

The Federal Communications Commission is considering changes to Chairman Tom Wheeler’s proposal to break cable companies’ hold on the set-top box market, following a joint counteroffer from cable providers and AT&T Inc., and a nod from their rival Google. “Chairman Wheeler has repeatedly said he is interested in a constructive dialogue,” Kim Hart, an FCC…

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Internet Trends Report Shows Streaming Dominates Internet Traffic by John Solit

Sandvine, a provider of broadband network solutions, just released its latest Global Internet Phenomena Report. Unsurprisingly, Internet usage and access is on the rise. Overall, streaming audio and video account for a whopping 71 percent of all downstream evening traffic in North America. Sandvine suggests this will reach 80 percent by 2020. What accounts for…

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AT&T Introduces Access, a $5 Internet Service for Low-Income Users

AT&T is the latest ISP to introduce packages tailored for qualified low-income homes.  It’s a move that satisfies a condition of AT&T’s merger with DirecTV, which closed last July.Among those targeted conditions, the FCC called on AT&T to provide discounted standalone broadband offerings to low-income consumers in its wireline service area.  The new program, called Access from…

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Obama and the Google Adminsitration.

. For years, government integrity groups, journalists and major media and communications companies have raised questions about Google’s cozy ties to the administration of President Obama, whose campaigns have taken in massive amounts of money in political contributions from the Silicon Valley giant. But often, these questions were dismissed as scandalmongering or sniping from industry…

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