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Join Technology Association of Georgia TechLatino: Latinos in Sciences and Technology Association, and STEM Atlanta Women Tuesday February 16th @12noon for a Candid Conversation on the Impact of #Covid on People of Color. Join @DRJoseMorey, Dominique Wilkins Benita Harris-McBride and Maxine Cain On #COVID19#vaccinecovid19#dontmiss#latinos#wearetechlatino

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Within weeks of COVID-19’s emergence in the United States, its disproportionate devastation in Black and the Latino communities became a leading story. Across the country, it remains a disease that is killing African Americans and Native Americans faster than others. Fifty thousand African Americans have died from COVID-19. Black and Latino people account for eighteen per cent of those who have died from COVID-19 complications, far higher than their thirteen per cent of the national population. Even in Alaska, African Americans are dying because of COVID-19 at a rate higher than their proportion in the state.