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Techno Centro

TechLatino: LISTA prepares Latinos IT and Technology Professionals to be world-class in business and IT leadership. We provide training for future leaders in applications such as Hadoop, Ruby, Python, HTML5, Big Data, Cyber Security and many others in order to empower our community and Ignite Latinos to Drive the Innovation Economy. TechLatino: LISTA Techno Centro provides leaders with the skill sets, professional development and networking opportunities to meet these objectives. TechLatino: LISTA Techno Centro welcomes all executives and promising Hispanic IT managers from Fortune 500 companies to take advanced coding and strategic planning workshops and classes.

Established in early 1997 as tech resources in New York City for entrepreneurs and startup companies, LISTA’s  Mission is to educate, motivate and empower our community with education that transforms a community into creative thinkers through education in technology, business and, arts.

At TechLatino: LISTA’s Techno Centro, we help the community maintain their tech strengths in a socio-technological, ever-changing world. Our training programs are custom-designed to work with our community’s context, culture, and needs.

At TechLatino: LISTA Techno Centro Programs, our students and members are coming together as a global community empowered to pursue the employment of their dreams, by offering full-time educational programs, courses, classes, events and workshops on the most important skills of the 21st century – from Big Data to Hadoop, to business fundamentals, , and digital marketing.

So level up in your career with our 8–12 week, part-time, evening and weekend programs. Techno Centro transforms entrepreneurs and techs into strategic thinkers, creating tech leadership, making consumers into producers through education and opportunities in technology, business, and arts.