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Atlanta, Ga. – Jose Marquez, CEO of TechLatino: The National Association of Hispanics in Information Sciences and Technology, received a Doctorate degree from the Global International Humanitarian University an international institution that supports humanitarian efforts through acts of service.. Doctorate degrees are given by Global International Humanitarian University. at Charter Day and Commencement ceremonies as well as special events to distinguished individuals.

When conferring Dr. Jose Marquez with the honorary degree at ceremony, Dr. Maxine Cain and Dr. Sharon Brown noted: “for your 27 years of community service exemplify the highest values of service, you have served our communities since 1997 with distinction… Your tireless work to empower the Latino community  and opened doors and opportunities…Jose Marquez, you have served your community, brilliantly and forcefully. Countless organizations have recognized your dedication to public service and Global International Humanitarian University is honored to join them.”

 In his acceptance remarks, Congressman Scott noted the importance of technology and higher education:“Technology is the great equalizer in America. And if the American dream is to be a reality, we all must do everything we can to ensure all students have affordable access to higher education and development in technology. So, I want to express my gratitude for receiving this Doctorate degree from GIA University. This degree will make me work harder for all in our community until the digital divide is bridge with digital opportunity.”

Other 2022 honorees were Emmy Nominated Political Analyst, President of Rolling Out Magazine, Dr. Rashid Richey EdD, Ph.D. and megastar singer Dr. Cee Lo Green.