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The National Association of Latinos in Information Sciences and Technology, we want to express our heartfelt gratitude to the White House for their unwavering support in securing additional funding for the Affordable Connectivity Program. This program has been a vital lifeline for over 20 million American households, a significant number of which are Latino families. The fact that more than half of these households utilize the program to access wireless broadband highlights the pivotal role that wireless technology plays in bridging the digital divide, ensuring that low-income Americans, including many in the Latino community, have equitable access to the internet for essential needs such as work, education, telehealth, and more.

The Affordable Connectivity Program has been instrumental in empowering Latinos and countless others to overcome barriers that have long hindered their access to the digital world. We are enthusiastic about the prospect of collaborating with Congress to secure the necessary funding to sustain and expand this critical initiative. By doing so, we can continue to keep Americans, particularly those who have historically been underserved, connected to the opportunities and resources that the digital age offers. Together, we can ensure that the digital divide narrows, fostering a more inclusive, equitable, and prosperous future for all Americans.

In this era where connectivity is more essential than ever, we stand resolute in our commitment to advocating for affordable and accessible technology solutions. With the White House’s support and a collective effort to fortify the Affordable Connectivity Program, we move closer to fulfilling our mission of fostering a diverse and inclusive tech landscape that benefits all members of our society, including the vibrant and dynamic Latino community.

About Techlatino: The National Association of Latinos in Information Sciences and Technology:

Through its network of nearly 15 affiliated community-based councils, association and partnerships with non-profit organizations, LISTA advocates on behalf of the millions of Latinos in 50 states and the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, South America and Spain. To achieve its mission, LISTA conducts workshops and seminars, national business series, research, policy analysis, and technology awareness programs in order to provide a Latino perspective in many key areas in technology — development of the 21st century workforce, Coding, health information technology, STEAM education, employment/economic status, business development and broadband . In addition, it provides workshops and training to technology professionals and students in health it, big data and other technology opportunities for individuals small businesses and families. Helping Close the digital divide and giving opportunity to all.