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Jun 21

How the U.S. Got Broadband Right By Lowell C. McAdam


As senators consider President Obama’s nomination of Tom Wheeler to lead the Federal Communications Commission, some observers have painted a dire picture of the state of Internet availability in America. One legal scholar, Susan Crawford, has argued that “prices are too high and speeds are too slow,” though she supports Mr. Wheeler, a venture capitalist …

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May 01

Obama Nominates Former Wireless Lobbyist Tom Wheeler to lead FCC


As expected, President Barack Obama has officially nominated former wireless industry lobbyist Tom Wheeler as chair of the Federal Communications Commission. Wheeler, who served on the Obama-Biden transition team, is known for his work with the CTIA, a mobile industry group that he headed from 1992 to 2004. He has also spent time as the …

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May 01

Minorities Face Extinction in Broadcast Ownership, Will FCC Turn A Blind Eye or Level The Playing Field?

jam_headshot 2013

As Latinos in Information Sciences and Technology Association (LISTA) continues to combat injustice in the telecom and media space, we have seen that these industries do not represent the nation’s demographics, nor have there been meaningful discussions about how the Latinos’ lack of representation in these industries is undemocratic and morally wrong. Currently, there are …

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Apr 26

Why We Need to Move Ahead on IP by Ajit Pai.


We can’t regulate modern technologies the way we did Ma Bell The ancient Greek thinker Heraclitus believed that “the only constant is change.” He obviously didn’t have modern telecommunications networks in mind, but his philosophy fully applies to those networks nonetheless. Not too long ago, we lived in a world dominated by monopolies. To make …

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Feb 18

Rural towns up in arms over broadband service bill


A bill that would prohibit counties, cities and government authorities from expanding broadband service in some places is going to face a fight. House Bill 282 by state Rep. Mark Hamilton, R-Cumming, says public broadband subsidized by public money should stick to underserved areas, leaving companies to handle the load everywhere else. But some rural …

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Jan 04

Racism @Google? Thousands Protest ‘Make Me Asian,’ ‘Make Me Indian’ Apps. Diversity Inc.


More than 7,700 people have slammed Google for hosting in its Google Play store the “Make me Asian” and “Make me Indian” apps. Asian-American groups and online users are urging Google to remove the racist apps from Google Play and stay true to its “Don’t be evil” motto. Click here to view the petition. Although Google …

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Dec 13

FCC Begins Regulating Ad Volume Levels


Consumers may file complaints with FCC Those annoying ear-splitting commercials that come out of nowhere are now officially against the law. The rules governing implementation of the Commercial Advertisement Loudness Mitigation Act (CALM) Act went into effect today requiring broadcasters, cable operators, satellite services and other video distributors to keep the volume level of commercials …

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Nov 20

FCC Chairman Agrees it is Time to Put the Brakes on Texting and Driving.


Make texting as intolerable as drunken driving. We all know we should never drive drunk, but one in three Americans admit to doing something as dangerous: texting and driving. Today, we rely on our mobile devices to check e-mail, to stay in touch with friends, and to check the latest news or sports scores. We …

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Nov 16

Hey! Just my $0.02. So, on Whose Side is the Broadband Coalition on?


“The demand for our airwaves is going up and the supply of unencumbered spectrum is going down. The pressure is on.” That was part of the message of FCC Commissioner Jessica Rosenworcel at a Silicon Flatirons conference on spectrum in Washington on Tuesday, according to the text of her remarks. Rosenworcel pointed out that the …

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Nov 02

LISTA Chairman Emeritus and MicroTech CEO Named Executive of the Year.

Award Winning Entrepreneur Recognized at GovCon Awards. LISTA Chairman Emeritus MicroTech’s Founder, President, and CEO, Tony Jimenez, was awarded “Executive of the Year” at the 10th Annual Greater Washington Government Contractor Awards Gala, more commonly referred to as the GovCon Awards. Presented by the Fairfax County Chamber of Commerce, Professional Services Council (PSC), and Washington …

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