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internet-sales-taxThe Internet Tax Freedom Forever Act was introduced in the Senate late last week and if passed, will make the Internet tax moratorium permanent.  As an organization that supports legislative efforts that create and enhance opportunities for Latinos to take advantage of, and benefit from, our nation’s advanced technologies, support for this Act is very important. 

Latinos are an incredibly important and powerful consumer market.  We are also avid users of broadband technology, and any discriminatory tax that is forced onto Hispanic consumers deters our communities from accessing the Internet and creates barriers to critical services.   Latinos are increasingly using the Internet to find jobs, earn an education, and access critical healthcare services.  Studies indicate that cost is a significant factor affecting consumer broadband adoption among Latino communities and by imposing a tax on internet access would only reduce consumer access and impact consumer adoption.  We must protect this. 

By supporting passage of the Internet Tax Freedom Forever Act, we are safeguarding the future of the Internet and protecting consumers nationwide.  In today’s growing digital society, we must keep the Internet fair.  Latinos in Information Sciences and Technology Association believe that support for this legislation will avoid discriminatory taxation of broadband access and promote the ability of all Americans to participate in today’s global economy on a level playing field, which will only help to expand the reach of the Internet across the board – including our nation’s fast-growing Latino communities.