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conv13-nctaToday, NCTA submitted its reply comments to the FCC regarding the proposed new Open Internet Rules. As we’ve said before, cable broadband providers are unequivocally committed to building and maintaining an open Internet experience. That means we support the original principles of Net Neutrality – that all legitimate Internet traffic should be treated equally when traveling over local networks, that ISPs should not pick favorites, and that consumers should have unfettered access to legal content of their choosing. That’s why we support the FCC’s efforts to ensure consumers have basic protections. But we strongly feel that the best path towards enforceable rules that don’t risk future innovation and growth is to dismiss Title II reclassification and instead focus on Section 706 of the Telecommunications Act. Section 706 empowers the Internet industry to continue to innovate without putting handcuffs on its most pioneering companies. And it offers strong consumer protections that guarantee enforceable open Internet rules and promotes competitive marketplaces.

You can see our full comments here