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The mission of the Advisory Committee on Diversity for Communications in the Digital Age is to make recommendations to the FCC regarding policies and practices that will further enhance the ability of minorities and women to participate in telecommunications and related industries. Specifically, the Committee will focus on lowering barriers to entry to communications and related industries for historically disadvantaged men and women, exploring ways in which to ensure universal access to and adoption of broadband in historically disadvantaged communities, and creating an environment that enables employment of a diverse workforce within the communications and related industries.


This announcement builds on Jose Marquez-Leon’s long standing dedication to enhance diversity within the technology community.  Founder of Latinos in Information Sciences and Technology Association, Mr. Marquez-Leon has focus on the development of the Latino Technology Professional and business owner. A technology industry pioneer he was the first to identify a need for technology and saw technology disparities throughout the Latino community. Mr Marquez-Leon took action in order to assure that our community was educated, motivated and empowered in the use of technology.


For me it is a great honor and privilege to serve in this capacity,” said Jose A. Marquez-Leon, It is important that our community has someone to represent them at the table and assure that we continue to grow in this techno-economical society.

By joining this illustrious group of technology thought leaders Mr. Marquez will continue to develop the next generation of technology professionals while advising on policy which will affect the future of all Americans in the years to come.


About Latino in Information Sciences and Technology Association (LISTA)

LISTA promotes the utilization of the technology sectors for the empowerment of the Latino community. We are an organization that is committed to bringing various elements of Technology under one central hub to facilitate our partners, members and the community with the leverage and education they need to succeed in a highly advanced technologically driven society. LISTA Mission is to educate, motivate and encourage the use of technology in the Latino community and empowering them to bridge the digital divide.

About the National Latino Alliance on Health Information Technology (LatinoHIT)

In 2009 the National Latino Alliance on Health Information Technology (www.latinohit.org) was established with the purpose of sustaining the Latino community with a group of concerned Primary care physicians and Health Information technologist to assist in the paradigm shift to Health Information Technology and Electronic Health Records. LatinoHIT is committed to ensuring that primary care physicians, technology professionals and our community have the resources, information and tools to effectively understand the changes in the medical industry and that now community gets left behind.

Committee is Chaired by former FCC Commissioner Henry Rivera.

The committee’s first meeting will be Dec. 6.

Other members of the committee are:

· Joaquin Alvarado of American Public Media,

·  Philip Alvelda of MobiTV,

·  Karla Ballard of One Economy,

·  William Branham of 21st Century Telecom,

·  Eric Broyles of Megree,

·  Bridgette Daniel of Wilco Electronic Systems,

·  Erin Dozier of National Association of Broadcasters,

·  Donna Epps of Verizon,

·  Derrick Frost of Invision TV,

·  Anita Stephens Graham of Opportunity Capital Partners,

·  Jessica Gonzales of The National Hispanic Media Coalition,

·  Anton Guitano of CBS,

·  Chanelle Hardy National Urban League,

·  Charles Harrell of The IT Architect,

·  Maxie Jackson of National Federation of Community broadcasters

·  Ron Johnson Solutions4Change,

·  Sherman Kizart of Kizart Media Partners,

·  Faye Kuo of Communication Services for the Deaf, 

·  Nicol Turner-Lee of Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies,

·  Robert Mendez of Disney,

·  Karen Narasaki of Asian American Justice Center,

·  Celia Nogales of AT&T,

·  Javier Palomarez of United States Hispanic Chamber of Commerce,

·  Susan Patrick of Patrick Communications,

·  Tony Perez of National Association of Telecommunications Officers and Advisors,

·  Steve Roberts of The Roberts Companies,

·  Sylvia Strobel of the Alliance for Women in Media,

·  Dr. Jorge Schement of Rutgers University, Virgil Smith of Gannett Co.,

·  Dr. Cindy Shao of the Asian American Chamber of Commerce,

·  Loris Ann Taylor of Native Public Media,

·  Walter Ulloa of Entravision, Mark Wallace of Cipher Communications

·  Jim Winston of the National Association of Black Owned Broadcasters.

·  Rudi Brioche of Comcast–NBCU,

·  David Honig of MMTC,

·  Andy Schwartzman of Media Access Project,

·  Maria Brennan of Women in Cable Telecommunications,

·  Diane Sutter of Shooting Star Broadcasting,

·  Corrie Wright of Free Press.