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Jul 24

“Free Our Airwaves” by Jose Marquez, CEO @techLatino.


TechLatino strives to empower the Latino community. Because Latinos are among the highest consumers of mobile technology, we have devoted significant attention to next-generation wireless initiatives. The ultimate goal is fifth-generation (“5G”) connectivity. Much of our recent focus has been on infrastructure.  However, wireless connectivity cannot function without another core ingredient: spectrum.  What is spectrum? …

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Jul 03

TechLatino’s Statement on DISH Stops Carrying Univision at this Important Time.


Over the weekend, DISH Network stopped carrying Univision’s networks and stations over a contract dispute. This is outrageous, especially as Univision offered a two-week extension so that DISH’s customers could continue receiving popular and important Spanish-language programming, including news about the crisis at the border while the companies continued negotiations. DISH even went as far …

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Jul 02

Oculus TV is now available: VR gets its own streaming-TV hub


Facebook promised to make VR a lot more social back in May when the $199 Oculus Go debuted, announcing a handful of new apps to bring people together while goggled in. Oculus Venues, a live event viewing platform that mixes large crowds of virtual avatars and streaming video, was the first. Oculus TV is the second, and it’s now available …

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Jun 30

Univision’s Statement Regarding DISH’s Rejection of Extension Offer and Interruption of Service


It is outrageous that DISH has rejected our offer of a two-week contract extension to allow its customers and our viewers to continue to have access to Univision’s highly rated networks and stations. While DISH has routinely used blackouts against broadcasters—its 68 broadcast blackouts since 2010 are significantly more than any other distributor in that …

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Jun 29

TechLatino applauds Senators Thune and Schatz


TechLatino applauds Senators Thune and Schatz for working on bipartisan legislation to streamline next-generation wireless deployment critical to our future and economic outlook. This bill introduction provides a strong starting point to make it easier to provide more advanced wireless to more communities. Thune-Schatz expands both consumer and job opportunities not only in the Senators’ …

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May 30

What Happens to Sprint if the T-Mobile Deal Fails?


What’s happening now? After multiple failed attempts at merging, the number three and four wireless carriers have reached a deal wherein Sprint shareholders receive 0.10256 shares of T-Mobile for each Sprint share or 9.75 Sprint shares for each T-Mobile share. That puts Sprint’s enterprise value at $59 billion, and the value of the combined company …

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May 24

Guest Blogger Jan Rabney: What is 5G? The Next Generation of Wireless, Explained


Every decade or so, the wireless industry rolls out a new cellular  communications standard that can transmit more data more quickly. Already under development is the next round, called “5G” because it’s the fifth major generation of these standards for encoding and transmitting data over radio waves. The first generation, retroactively called 1G, was a …

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May 11

As seen in the LA Times: Senate Democrats Move to Revive Net Neutrality Rules — the Wrong Way


 Sen. Richard Blumenthal (D-CT) speaks during a news conference on a petition to force a vote on net neutrality on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC. Also pictured are Sen. Maria Cantwell (D-WA) and Sen. Ed Markey (D-MA). (Zach Gibson / Getty Images) Senate Democrats opened up a new front Wednesday in the fight to preserve …

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May 10

Uber, FedEx, Alphabet and Others will Participate in a New Government Drone Testing Program

Drone Shot

Ten states and a “who’s who of technology and aviation companies” (notably absent: Amazon) are involved in the Integration Pilot Program — the “most far-reaching” test initiative to date. The pilot will gather data on a myriad of drone uses, from transporting medical equipment to controlling mosquitoes. The burgeoning industry around drones in U.S. air …

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Apr 17

U.S. Latinos Win if U.S. Wins Race to 5G


The core mission of TechLatino is to ensure that the U.S. Latino community has a seat at the table for present and future generations to come. Latinos use wireless as our primary means of communication compared to other technologies and ethnic communities. It is for this reason that we have championed reforms aimed at hastening …

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