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sloanWells Fargo launched a new advertising campaign this week to address the company’s ongoing sales practices scandal and what it is doing to make things right for its customers.

The television campaign , which launched Monday, is being rolled out nationally on major network evening newscasts as well as the Sunday talk shows. Wells is also buying ads on the major Spanish language networks Telemundo and Univision, said Wells Fargo spokesman Mark Folk.

The TV ads supplement print and digital ads Wells Fargo rolled out earlier this month. The campaign is expected to run for at least the next couple of months, Folk said. Radio ads are expected started next week.

“The commercial reiterates Wells Fargo’s commitment to customers and the steps we are taking to move forward and make things right,” Folk said.

Newly appointed Wells Fargo CEO Tim Sloan said that he is “sorry for the pain” that the bank’s employees and customers felt as a result of the company’s sales practices scandal.

Sloan’s company-wide speech given Tuesday, acknowledged that the bank did not respond to the problems in its branches soon enough and that upper management dodged responsibility for the bad behavior and wrongly placed blamed on its branch employees.