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To meet the grUPS_logo_2003owing demand of the Hispanic market, UPS now offers a Spanish-language option to U.S. users at ups.com. To access ups.com in Spanish click here or simply choose “Change Language” from the menu bar at the top of the US English home page.

The dual-language capability will benefit not only individuals and business users whose native language is Spanish, but also companies that target the Hispanic market.
End users can access shipping and tracking information in their own native language. Currently customers can sign up for UPS My Choice, a service which allows users to reroute and reschedule deliveries, and access the UPS My Choice delivery planner in Spanish. Later this summer, UPS My Choicealerts will be available in Spanish as well, making it even more valuable to Hispanic customers.
To access UPS My Choice in Spanish click here or choose Acceder a UPS My Choice under Rastreo from the US Spanish home page of ups.com. You can also visit ups.com/mychoice and choose United States – Español from the Select Your Locale menu.