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Few industries handle as much sensitive material on a daily basis as the legal vertical—or have as much to lose if a cyber attack occurs. Law firms are becoming increasingly reliant on technology, and hackers are only growing more sophisticated in their methods of attack. If your cyber security is not up to the challenge of keeping them out, you leave your firm—and your clients—at risk.

Any cyber attack, regardless of magnitude, is worrisome. A large-scale breach can be devastating. If your firm’s computer systems are damaged or disabled for even a day, the resulting loss in revenue and productivity may be massive. Worse, a single hacked email account has the potential to reveal a plethora of confidential information pertaining to hundreds, if not thousands, of clients. If a firm proves itself incapable of protecting its network and data, clients will not trust it to handle their business.

In 2016, the “Panama Papers” document leak at Mossack Fonseca demonstrated just how destructive a breach could be. Through a hack in the firm’s email server, millions of sensitive documents were leaked. The private financial information of hundreds of high-profile clients was revealed, resulting in embarrassment for many—especially the firm. What went wrong? In addition to using outdated software, Mossack Fonseca was not encrypting its emails. The firm left itself vulnerable, and put its clients’ private data at risk.

Failure to protect client information can permanently damage your firm’s reputation. A firewall and basic antivirus software are not enough to keep sensitive data safe from threats. Demonstrating to your clients that you take IT security seriously will ease their minds, and yours—and is justification enough for a proactive approach.

The importance of email encryption and other security measures to the legal industry cannot be downplayed. You may find clients specifically request these measures, and many will not work with you if your network isn’t absolutely secure. If your security measures are not up to scratch, you will see clients migrating to other firms that can provide adequate protection. The time to seek guidance is now.

At eMazzanti, we provide managed network security services for the legal vertical and beyond. We can inform you about best practices, industry standards, and most importantly how to keep your cyber security up to date to prevent any potential threats—and ensure your network is secure and reliable.