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The following statement should be attributed to Jose Marquez-Leon, National President & CEO, TechLatino: Latinos in Information Sciences and Technology Association (LISTA):

 elizabeth-warren“TECHLATINO is thrilled that after months of brining awareness to Congress, Senator Elizabeth Warren has warned about the predatory Practices of Silicon Valley. We applaud the unwavering commitment of Senator Warren to the small minority tech businesses so they can have the opportunity to grow, create new jobs, and develop our new employees in tech.  

 Today U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren warned about the predatory practices of Silicon Valley, accusing the biggest tech companies of wielding their platforms as “a tool to snuff out competition.” Latinos have been particularly hurt by these practices, with minority-owned companies often edged out of the tech space by giants like Google, Apple, Amazon and Facebook. We applaud Senator Warren’s commitment to even the playing field. It’s time the tech industry stops closing off new opportunities for the new and upcoming products and minority companies –a problem that needs to be rectified.

 “The opportunity to compete must remain open for all new entrants and smaller competitors that want their chance to change the world.” says Senator Elizabeth Warren.  

 “In the weeks ahead, it will be imperative for the FCC to act quickly and look at these practices addressed by Senator Warren. TechLatino is committed to helping our member’s small business, tech entrepreneurs and professionals –this will help level the playing field and make it easier for small businesses to operate, increase competition, and create opportunities for entrepreneurs to expand operations success. “Small and minority-owned firms across the nation should have the resources they need to thrive and further contribute to our nation’s economic renewal and this is a crucial first step.”

 About Techlatino: Latinos in Information Sciences and Technology Association

Founded in 1997, Latinos in Information Sciences and Technology Association activley promotes the economic growth of our nation’s latino tech entrepreneurs. Through its network of nearly 15 affiliated community-based councils, association and partnerships with non-profit organizations, LISTA advocates on behalf of the millions of Latinos in 50 states and the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, South America and Spain. To achieve its mission, LISTA conducts workshops and seminars, national business series, research, policy analysis, and technology awareness programs in order to provide a Latino perspective in many key areas in technology —  Helping Close the digital divide and giving opportunity to all.

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