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Adsmovil, Kellogg’s, Ariadna Communications Group And Hogarth Join FIAP 2023 to Promote The Ibero-American Creativity

MIAMI, FL — September 20, 2023 — (NOTICIAS NEWSWIRE) — Important brands joined the 2023 edition of the Ibero-American Creativity Festival, in association with PRODU, as sponsors to promote creativity in Ibero-America. In addition to Rappi, a regional leader in the field of quick commerce and retail media, as an official Rappi sponsor, Adsmovil, Kellogg …

MIAMI, FL — September 20, 2023 — (NOTICIAS NEWSWIRE) — Important brands joined the 2023 edition of the Ibero-American Creativity Festival, in association with PRODU, as sponsors to promote creativity in Ibero-America. In addition to Rappi, a regional leader in the field of quick commerce and retail media, as an official Rappi sponsor, Adsmovil, Kellogg Company LatAm, Ariadna Communications Group, and Hogarth are sponsoring the four disciplines of FIAP, Formats, Innovation, Advertisements and Production, respectively.

Under the motto “Ideas that arrive,” Rappi's participation as the official sponsor of FIAP 2023 reaffirms the importance of creativity for the advertising industry and how leading companies contribute to developing and recognizing creative talent in the region.

“Rappi’s DNA is grounded on innovation and revolutionary ideas,” said Gonzalo Montaña, Global Head of Media at Rappi. He highlighted the importance of festivals in the marketing industry as they raise the creative level and serve as triggers for actors in the ecosystem. After years of limitations due to the pandemic, Rappi is proud to contribute to reinvigorating in-person awards and events.

Adsmovil, a pioneering Colombian company and leader in the innovation of mobile advertising solutions in Latin America and the US Hispanic market joined as the official sponsor of the ‘Formats’ discipline. Its specialization in reaching and attracting Hispanic audiences in all languages and origins has allowed it to become a trailblazer in mobile advertising aimed at the Hispanic population in the US. With direct relationships with more than 2,500 premium digital publishers, it reaches almost half of the Hispanic population in the US (48%).

"The sponsorship of the 'Formats' discipline within the Ibero-American Festival of Creativity, FIAP, is part of our commitment towards innovation and creativity in the field of advertising and represents a unique opportunity to highlight creative excellence in the framework of an event that brings together the main creative talents and advertisers from all over Latin America,” said Alberto Pardo, CEO and Founder of Adsmovil.

Ariadna Communications Group, the independent communications group with the strongest presence in the Americas, is sponsoring the ‘Ads’ discipline. Its decision to support the event responds to the recognized reach and networking that the festival offers within the advertising industry as the access to a wide range of best practices from different advertisers, disciplines, and countries.

“By being juries we are willing to encourage creative leaders to continue their academic training and stand out with innovative and disruptive creative proposals that can positively persuade the audience,” said a spokesperson at Ariadna Communications Group.

The approach of Ariadna Communications Group fits perfectly with the theme and objectives of the FIAP’s Ads discipline. The company has stood out for offering comprehensive communication solutions to its clients, ranging from the generation of creative concepts to obtaining tangible results. This comprehensive perspective aligns with the idea that an “ad” is not limited to a single channel, but rather encompasses omnichannel and an end-to-end approach.

To reinforce its commitment to innovation and creativity in Latin America, Kellogg Company LatAm is sponsoring the Innovation discipline at FIAP2023.

“Innovation is at the heart of everything we do. Not only in terms of the products we develop but also in how we behave when marketing and communicating. We seek to be consistent in our discourse and behavior of what we do,” highlighted Omar Carrión, IMC & Omnichannel Experiences Sr. Director LATAM of Kellogg Company.

Confirming its commitment to the regional creative industry, Hogarth, a global company specializing in content experiences, joins the Ibero-American Creativity Festival as an official sponsor of the Production ‘discipline.’

According to Laura Flores, general director of Hogarth Worldwide Mexico, the organization shares with FIAP a holistic vision when evaluating storytelling as a creative platform in all formats that connect with audiences. In that sense - she explains - "hand in hand with Formats, Innovation, and Ads, the Production strategy plays a crucial role in giving life to that storytelling. It is what we like to create and evaluate."

The festival focus fits perfectly within the culture of excellence at Hogarth. As Laura explained, their production, post-production, and design teams constantly research new formats and visual, design, editing, and sound innovations. She highlights that, like the festival, they go deep into what is behind innovation or trends.

"We test and combine new possibilities, beyond references. That is where the originality and consistency with FIAP comes in, evaluating all this in separate disciplines and at the same time together, which is how communication works," she pointed out.

These sponsorships further reinforce these companies' influential presence in the industry and their focus on recognizing and promoting creative excellence.

The FIAP aims to recognize and celebrate excellence in creativity throughout the Ibero-American region. In collaboration with PRODU, the benchmark in entertainment information, advertising, and technology in Spanish, FIAP highlights transformative ideas that captivate audiences and inspire Latin America and around the world.

This year's celebration will be even more exciting. FIAP will close with an exclusive face-to-face gala during Advertising Week LatAm, a highly relevant regional event, taking place at the prestigious Museo Papalote del Niño in Mexico City on the 1st of November. During this unique and immersive experience, the festival will be presenting the Grandes Soles de Iberoamérica, the Hall of Fame, and the expected annual awards such as Agency of the Year, Independent Agency of the Year, Network of the Year, Advertiser of the Year and Producer of the Year.

About FIAP

The Ibero-American Festival of Creativity, FIAP,  continues recognizing creativity in all advertising formats in Ibero-America. Last year, the festival ushered in a new era based on excellence and innovation. In partnership with PRODU, the leading provider of information for the Spanish-speaking entertainment, advertising and technology industry, they bring a new concept: recognizing excellence in ideas that transform, inspire, elevate and excite audiences in the region and beyond.

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