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Multicultural Networking Event

Multicultural Networking Event

Play Golf, Network, and Support Techno Centro

One of the most fun times to network and play golf. TechLatino: LISTA one of the most network-focused association in Georgia would like to invite Pros and Amateurs to our Golf Means Business TechConnects Golf Multicultural Networking Event.

Golf skills are definitely not required to have fun at this event and Top Golf’s extensive food & drinks will be provided, It is going to be a blast and you will have a chance to meet some celebrities while playing a fun game for everyone.

Anyone can play Topgolf, from aspiring pros to those who’ve never walked 18 holes. All you have to do is swing a club and try to hit your microchipped balls into dartboard-like targets. It’s competitive. It’s fun. And it’s always better with a big group!

TechConnects is part of the Emerging Tech Leaders Summit is even more highly leveraged toward building lasting business relationships. This tournament brings together tech and business leaders from tech companies and business throughout the Greater Atlanta Tech Ecosystem with a “Business can be fun” attitude.

We hope you can make it and be part of this special event. Proceeds to benefit Techno Centro DevCode 5 Program.

Sponsored by Sweet Spot Golf Apparel, Comcast, NCTA.