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uniDear Jose Marquez and LISTA Members:

As co-founder of Latinos in Information Sciences and Technology Association, and as a Texas Resident,  I want to express my concern to you about the possibility that Latino AT&T U-verse subscribers may lose access to the Univision Network later this week as a result of an offer made to the network by AT&T during recent contract negotiations. I am sharing this with you as it is vital we urge these two organizations to come to some type of agreement for the betterment of our Latino community in Texas.

I do not need to tell you how important Univision Network is to the Hispanic community. It provides us with a crucial source of news programming – which is particularly vital in this election season when Hispanic voter registration is breaking records. The Univision family of networks also provides the Hispanic community with its most popular entertainment and sports programming. The future of Spanish-language television in the United States is truly at stake.

As our President and CEO there is much you can do to help. I strongly encourage you to email AT&T and use the power of social media to let them know how important Univision Network’s programming is to us, our family and our neighbors. Here are two simple ways you can help!


  1.  Click here to take a moment and send the CEO of AT&T an email. This will make a huge difference in making our voice heard.
  2. Use Twitter.com to share your personal thoughts with @ATT on the importance of the Univision Network using the hashtag #Respeto. If you prefer, you can also click here to tweet AT&T directly.

I am confident that AT&T will better understand the value of the Univision Network once it hears the voice of the Hispanic community. With your help, we can ensure access to quality Spanish-language television programming for years to come not only in Texas but in our country.


Chris Rodriguez

[email protected]

National Board of Directors

Co-Founder – Latinos in Information Sciences and technology Association