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Everything we do here at TechLatino relates to our key mission to ensure that Latino communities have a seat at the table for present and future generations to come. Because Latinos are outsized users of wireless services compared to other technologies and communities, developments in this technology are of critical importance to us. At this point, it’s good to take a pulse check on how far we have come.

It has been two years since passage of a series of infrastructure reforms led by Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Commissioner Brendan Carr. We supported that undertaking in the hope that it would enhance the wireless networks that our community relies on. We are pleased to report that that hope has turned into a reality. In the time since then, connectivity has expanded greatly due to the significantly higher number of deployments undertaken as a result of Commissioner Carr’s efforts. TechLatino partners live in many different areas across the United States, and cell site building appears to have skyrocketed to the benefit of our communities.

Our interest in wireless advancements came from the realization that our quickly growing population is fundamentally tied to the expansion of wireless technologies given our outsized use of mobile services. As the facts on the ground show per CTIA’s new annual survey, Carr’s forethought to streamline the process for small cell applications and approvals has facilitated more efficient deployment of mobile services to more communities.

Because of the foresight of these FCC reforms, state policymakers appear to have taken note. We have tracked and supported numerous similar reforms to modernize the wireless infrastructure deployment processes across 32 states and Puerto Rico. In addition to legislative approvals of these reforms, the courts have similarly upheld the importance of this approach. Most recently the 9th Circuit Court, where a number of our TechLatino members reside, upheld the FCC wireless infrastructure order. The Supreme Court, the highest court in the land, also declined to question the wisdom of the Carr Order.

Accordingly, we are excited about the 5G economy being created as a result. As we are aware, next generation 5G wireless provides vast improvements in speeds and latency that will unleash a number of IoT applications for our community’s favored technology. Latinos are the fastest-growing population in the United States, and wireless network enhancements offer expanded job opportunities and access to broadband internet across multiple connected devices.

Next-generation networks bring with them new opportunities and job creation as they are rolled out. The United States is our home, and we are invested in its success. U.S. Latinos are active participants in our country, and our population growth means that our needs will only increase. 5G will mean even more opportunities for our community.

Thanks to the Carr Order and the network investment that resulted, 5G coverage expanded to hundreds of millions of people in communities across the USA, and continues onward. TechLatino’s mission is to empower Latino communities, which means that we fully support efforts to build back better with a strong 5G economy for us all.

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