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Several messages crossed our inbox this week that had outstanding subject lines, copy or promotional themes. Here’s a round-up of the best.

Subject Lines of the Week

“We’ve added a new topping: Smartphones”
To celebrate the release of their new app for Android, Domino’s Pizza is offering free Android smartphones. The promotion, not surprisingly, is for phones that are “free” with a two year service contract plus data plan from Sprint, T-Mobile or Verizon Wireless. But the clever subject line draws attention to the app for prospective (or current) Android users, and may even get an iPhone user or two to check Apple’s App store to see if they have a version of the Domino’s app (they do).

“Great Deal for the Hero in Your Office”
To encourage folks to step up and bring in breakfast to honor their support staff (who, let’s face it, are really the one’s running the office), Bruegger’s used this subject line to promote a “Big Bagel Bundle” for $9.99. The special is available on this Wednesday, April 29 only (Administrative Professionals Day) and the email features a link to a printable coupon.

“It’s a Green World After All!”
Disney plays with the concept of Earth Day and one of its own iconic songs in this subject line. It wins as clever copy, even though we’re not quite sure buying more branded merchandise no one really “needs” is the best way to celebrate Mother Earth, even if it is from the House of Mouse.

Copy and Themes of the Week

Angie’s List
Sometimes, short and sweet is very sweet. Angie’s List won a lot of points this weekend with a lighting fast response to a password reset request and this copy, saying they get us, they really get us: “We hear you–too many passwords; too little time! Click here to reset your password and sign in to Angieslist.com”

Barnes & Noble
The bookseller followed the Angie’s List model of simplicity with their subject line (“B&N Review–This Week’s Best Reading”). While that was a perhaps a little too simple and straightforward, the newsletter one found inside was a great collection of reviews and opinion pieces from BNReview.com.

Stride Rite
Did you know April is Foot Health Awareness month? I didn’t either, until I got this email from Stride Rite. While there are links to the various categories of shoe sizes available on the retailer’s website (and a free shipping offer), this email stays informational in tone and is a great relationship building exercise to connect with parents. Readers can link to a page featuring a video on footwear facts parents should know, and other toe trivia.