Hivedeco, An Artisanal Home Decor Brand Thrives By Bringing Smiles During Pandemic

— Ana Maria Reyes started hand-painting items for the home during the pandemic to bring joy to those around her, Hivedeco has now evolved into a thriving business of exquisite, custom hand-painted cheese boards. —

MIAMI, FL — November 22, 2021 — (LATINX NEWSWIRE) — Noted graphic artist and interior designer Ana Maria Reyes started painting wooden cheese boards during the pandemic and noticed that the items inspired joy and brought a smile to the recipients. People quickly started requesting the custom hand-painted cheese boards for purchase and Hivedeco was born as a new artisanal home decor brand in the art and design scene.

Ana Maria draws on thirty years of experience as a graphic artist, muralist, and interior designer to create each uniquely extravagant piece. Her hand-painted items are both beautiful and functional and can be customized, setting her apart in the highly competitive home décor industry.

A firm believer in utilitarian beauty, each piece reflects vivid, warm colors that provoke a smile and conversation while serving a function in the home. Ana Maria once again picked up a paintbrush and tapped into a passion during the pandemic to bring light, peace, and joy into the lives of others through her creations.

She leaves a piece of herself in each item she creates. The project became a source of much-needed income for this entrepreneur and her family as she pivoted during the pandemic by tapping into her passion.

Today the business continues to grow through word of mouth, social media, and pop-up shops, and the overwhelming success of the cheese boards has now positioned this immigrant from Venezuela for the expansion of her business.

“I love to give life and color to utilitarian pieces and generate smiles in everyone who acquires them.

When the pandemic began in 2020, the world stopped smiling, there was rage, there was fear, there was anger, that's when I decided to paint again, and seeing the reactions of others to my pieces was when I decided to show them to the rest of the world, and that's how Hivedeco was born,” stated Reyes.

The unique hand-painted cheese boards with knife sets can be ordered online via or by calling 786.277.3934 and can also be customized upon request.

They beautify any tablescape and are highly prized by discerning hosts or gourmet chefs. Orders are pouring in from all over the country with the most frequent requests for the cheese boards customized with the flag of origin from different countries.

All the pieces are hand-painted with non-toxic acrylic paints and are coated with a layer of non-toxic resin.

Hivedeco will offer a special Black Friday sale via their Instagram account @HivedecoMiami:

A selection of ten cheese boards will have a 15% discount for those making purchases on Black Friday.

About Hivedeco

Hivedeco is a designer brand of elegant hand-painted home products. Noted for unique and colorful artwork, the utilitarian articles can be personalized to incorporate logos, themes, brands, colors, and more.

Crafting gifts with smiles included.