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May 01

LISTA, MMTC and 48 National Organizations Write to the White House about FCC Nominations


Fifty national organizations sent a letter to the White House today urging the Obama Administration, when filling positions as chair and commissioner on the Federal Communications Commission, to nominate candidates committed to promoting diversity and inclusion. The representation of women and minorities in media and telecom ownership, procurement, and employment remains disproportionately low in industries overseen by the …

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Mar 01

LISTA Guest Blogger Jason Llorenz Asks Privacy?? Google?? An Update.

Google’s announcement on new privacy policy today and how it concern us.. Today is the first day of Google’s new privacy policy — designed to mine our activity across all of Google’s products — gmail, google+, Youtube, google search, etc. —  to enable Google to create more targeted advertising content, search results and other products, …

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Mar 24

U.S. Census 2010… Is All About Hispanics as seen in MediaPost

This is a very big year for the Census and not just for the obvious reason that new national Census numbers are forthcoming. The new data, which will be trickling out in coming days, reveal some profound shifts in demographic trends that will have major implications for marketers: You had better start thinking local. It …

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Mar 20

March for America: Change Takes Courage!


LISTA — Will be in Washington DC this Sunday March 21 2010 Marching for Immigration Rights… See you at the Capital. Remember Today We March — Tomorrow We Vote We are excited about heading to Washington D.C. to ensure we have our collective voice heard on a very important and pressing issue within our community:  COMPREHENSIVE …

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Feb 18

LISTA Joins 23 Natational Organizations to Address Minority Inclusion in Media by FCC to Chairman Genachowski


Dear Chairman Genachowski:

As you know, in Section 257 of the Communications Act, Congress requires the Commission to submit triennial reports “identifying and eliminating Émarket entry barriers for entrepreneurs and other small businesses….” The Commission submitted the required reports for 1997, 2000, 2003, and (several months late) 2006, but the Commission has not yet submitted its 2009 Report.

Feb 10

The Census Is Coming!!! The Census Is Coming!!! The Census Is Coming!!!

“Ths 2010 Census is Easy, Safe and Important …an accurate count of the U.S. population forms the basis for many important but often overlooked political, economic, and social decisions that are made that end up affecting our daily lives
For More Information Please Visit www.2010.census.gov/2010census/why/index.php