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May 01

Obama Nominates Former Wireless Lobbyist Tom Wheeler to lead FCC


As expected, President Barack Obama has officially nominated former wireless industry lobbyist Tom Wheeler as chair of the Federal Communications Commission. Wheeler, who served on the Obama-Biden transition team, is known for his work with the CTIA, a mobile industry group that he headed from 1992 to 2004. He has also spent time as the …

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Mar 15

FCC Chair Admits U.S. is Falling Behind in Being Digitally Literate.


FCC Chair Admits U.S. is falling behind in being digitally literate. The Internet has transformed America with its power to generate innovation and opportunity and by its ability to connect, inform and entertain us like no technology in history. But we are not even close to realizing the full potential of high-speed Internet, or “broadband,” …

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