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Jan 14

Are Latinos Tech’s Next Tycoons?


There comes a time when the word “minority” loses its context, where one group surpasses its status in population and influence, crossing over into a new mainstream community of Americans. When I first arrived in Silicon Valley to work for Apple in the 1980s, I felt like a minority. I entered a world with circles …

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Jan 07

Intel Pledges Diversity by 2020, Invests $300 million.


Intel has set an aggressive goal of dramatically increasing the diversity of its U.S. workforce by 2020. It’s also pledging $300 million to fund the hiring and retention of women and underrepresented minorities, the largest investment yet in diversity by a technology company. Intel  made the announcement during his keynote speech at the Consumer Electronics …

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Aug 15

Tech Startup Tips, from a Microsoft Behavioral Scientist Matt Wallaert

matt waleart

Starting a new technology company? It might be useful to get a behavioral psychologist on board. Or, at least, get a chance to talk with Microsoft’s Matt Wallaert. Wallaert is in town for the next few days, meeting with game changers at Drexel University’s ExCITe Center and more, as well as giving a chat at incubation spaceVenturef0rth Monday evening. Wallaert’s shtick is helping …

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Jun 20

Should an 80 Year-Old Law Apply to the Internet?


Yesterday was the 80th anniversary of the Communications Act of 1934. The Act was established to regulate telephone, telegraph and radio so that all U.S. citizens could receive basic communication services. It contains seven sections, Title I through Title VII. Title II, the section on common carrier regulation, has been making headlines recently, with some …

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Jan 30

LISTA Guest Blogger: The FCC Decides to Lead on IP by Jim Cicconi


The FCC today made a bold leap forward on the path to a modern 21st Century broadband world by agreeing to oversee industry-wide geographic trials.  These trials will convert legacy Plain Old Telephone Service (POTS) networks to an all-IP broadband architecture.  While couched in the terms of telecom arcana, this decision is important and profound.  …

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Dec 11

LISTA Congratulates General Motors for their choice in CEO


For the first time ever, a woman is the head honcho as a major automaker – and she’s Latina, mi gente! According to USA Today, and multiple outle51-year-old Mary Barra has been named the new CEO at General Motors. Barra, who is the executive vice president of GM’s global product development, purchasing and supply chain, …

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Oct 01

Aetna Names Garth Graham, M.D., M.P.H. President of the Aetna Foundation


 Aetna a leading global health care solutions company, has appointed Garth Graham, M.D., M.P.H., 38, as president of the Aetna Foundation, the company’s independent philanthropic arm, effective immediately. A national expert on health disparities and health care quality, Graham served as deputy assistant secretary at the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) during …

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Jun 26

10 ways your IT job can spoil a vacation (and tricks to keep it from happening)


Takeaway: Feel like you’re shackled to your work and there’s no way to take a real vacation? You may be able to salvage a little downtime by following these tips. It’s a well-known fact that Americans work too much and play too little. Too many workers never vacation and are tied to their jobs, feeling …

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May 21

Latinos in Information Sciences and Technology Association Announce the Launch of the LISTA Northern California Technology Council


Being Latinos in Tech can be challenging in a sector still considered to be a “Good Ole Boys Club”!  LISTA believes with focus, desire, the right tools and through LISTA National Network now more than ever there are many resources and mentors available who want to connect with you. On behalf of the Latinos in …

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May 14

LISTA Applauds HABLA Awards for Heading West to Houston, TX


Habla Adds More Dates during Hispanic Heritage Month With $20,000 in Academic Scholarships, Verizon and Lanza Group, LLC Adds Houston to Atlanta, Charlotte, and Orlando HABLA Awards Line Up As the number of Hispanic professionals and community leaders continue to grow, it is fitting that the annual Hispanic Achievement & Business Leadership Awards (HABLA) luncheon, which …

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