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Feb 25

The Internet of Things Means Business


Connected devices and networked machines are enabling industry and government to collect information and act on it in ways that will redefine IT and business. One of the remarkable yet sobering realities of business is how quickly the world has become networked—and interconnected. Over the last decade, wireless technologies have extended the reach of computers …

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Jan 25

Aetna CEO says Health Care Costs Are Out of Control.

Mark Bertolini_Aetna

Medical expenses remain out of control in the U.S., where Americans have an “unsustainable attitude” that ignores the increasing cost of health care, the chief executive officer of insurer Aetna Inc. said. While the rise in medical costs has slowed since the last recession, the U.S. still needs to switch to a “fundamentally different” system …

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Nov 14

Need for Action on Wireless Airwaves By Jose Marquez


A report published by the CEA, the report finds that on average, smartphone owners spend nearly two hours (114 minutes) a day using their phones. Calling remains the most popular activity (23 minutes).  After that comes texting (20 minutes), email (18 minutes), web surfing (16 minutes) and social networking (11 minutes). While the report does …

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May 01

LISTA Guest Blogger Mario H. Lopez on Leveraging Mobile Broadband for Hispanic Communities

Mario H. Lopez

No one can deny the impact that Hispanics are having on America’s political, cultural, and economic spheres.  Across the nation, Hispanics are not just changing the landscape because of what they do, but rather how they do it. With regard to broadband access – a crucial service that fuels American innovation, job creation, and educational …

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Nov 16

Hey! Just my $0.02. So, on Whose Side is the Broadband Coalition on?


“The demand for our airwaves is going up and the supply of unencumbered spectrum is going down. The pressure is on.” That was part of the message of FCC Commissioner Jessica Rosenworcel at a Silicon Flatirons conference on spectrum in Washington on Tuesday, according to the text of her remarks. Rosenworcel pointed out that the …

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Nov 01

TechLatino Guest Blogger: The 2012 Election & Hispanics by Jose Villa


Today is Nov. 1, 2012, and the big 2012 election is only five days away. It’s only appropriate I write something about the upcoming election, otherwise risk being plowed over by the wave of election-related stories. I don’t know how the election will end up (I have my personal preferences), or how Latinos will vote. …

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Sep 26

Parents, Teachers Believe Broadband Boosts Performance: Survey

It looks like an apple for the teacher just doesn’t cut it anymore, unless it can access the ‘net. According to a poll from the Leading Education by Advancing Digital (LEAD) Commission, teachers and parents say schools should be doing more to improve access to technology in education, with access to the Internet high on …

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Jul 16

LISTA Guest Blogger Maria Cardona: “Latino Voices Necessary in Mobile Internet Debates”


There has been a lot of talk about how Latinos need to come out and vote to have their voices heard. But what we haven’t heard enough of is the importance of Latinos becoming active participants in shaping the policies of the technology industry. I have been interested and involved in helping to ensure Latinos …

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Apr 11

Verizon donates $100k to Philadelphia hospital for telemedicine By Mike Miliard, HealthcareIT News

PHILADELPHIA – The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia has announced it will launch a telemedicine pilot program, dedicated to providing pediatric specialty consultations to community hospitals, with help from a $100,000 grant from the Verizon Foundation. The pilot program is designed to test the applicability of consultation services in the community hospital setting for intensive care …

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