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Jan 14

Are Latinos Tech’s Next Tycoons?


There comes a time when the word “minority” loses its context, where one group surpasses its status in population and influence, crossing over into a new mainstream community of Americans. When I first arrived in Silicon Valley to work for Apple in the 1980s, I felt like a minority. I entered a world with circles …

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Mar 06

Hispanics are Ahead of the Curve in Adopting Digital Devices, including Smartphones

According to Nielsen and Hispanicize Hispanics are ahead of the curve in adopting digital devices, including smartphones  Smartphone ownership grew to 68 percent between November and January 2014, up 9 percent from the start of 2013. And among those who bought their mobile phone within the last three months, a whopping 84 percent chose smartphones for …

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Feb 08

María Contreras-Sweet se sube al “Motor de la Economía”


Que María Contreras-Sweet haya sido la selección del presidente Obama para tomar el timón de la Administración de Pequeños de Estados Unidos no responde a razones fortuitas. Mujer, banquera de éxito y una latina nacida en México, Contreras es también el rostro del sector más pujante de la economía estadounidense. De acuerdo con el Buró …

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Aug 06

The Rise of Latinas in the US: From Jobs to Consumer Power as it appears in Voxxi


They’ve got the power: Hispanic women are a new power factor not only for the Latino community but also for the U.S. economy, according a new report released today by Nielsen. The report shows the increasing influence of Latinas in the U.S. because of their will to improve their educational pursuits and career development. Latinas are outpacing Latino …

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Jul 09

Target Reminded Bosses Not All Hispanic Employees Eat Tacos, Wear Sombreros: Lawsuit Article from Huff Po by Kim Bhasin


Three former employees are suing Target for discrimination, citing a document the company distributed to managers with reminders that not all Hispanics eat tacos and burritos or wear sombreros. The former warehouse workers’ lawsuit, filed in California’s Yolo County, claims they were victims of discrimination on the job, and that Target’s “Multi-Cultural Tips” for managers …

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May 14

Google Lets You ‘Breakout’ of Image Search with Retro Atari Easter Egg by Matt Peckham


You know those dreams you sometimes have where reality morphs into an old-school arcade game? The ones where the clouds turn into giant two-steppings bugs that descend in heartbeat rhythm while you rollerblade back and forth, firing long, spongy cloud-dissipating tracers into the sky with an over-the-shoulder Nerf cannon? Google’s lastest Easter egg isn’t that, …

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May 01

LISTA Guest Blogger Mario H. Lopez on Leveraging Mobile Broadband for Hispanic Communities

Mario H. Lopez

No one can deny the impact that Hispanics are having on America’s political, cultural, and economic spheres.  Across the nation, Hispanics are not just changing the landscape because of what they do, but rather how they do it. With regard to broadband access – a crucial service that fuels American innovation, job creation, and educational …

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Apr 26

Why We Need to Move Ahead on IP by Ajit Pai.


We can’t regulate modern technologies the way we did Ma Bell The ancient Greek thinker Heraclitus believed that “the only constant is change.” He obviously didn’t have modern telecommunications networks in mind, but his philosophy fully applies to those networks nonetheless. Not too long ago, we lived in a world dominated by monopolies. To make …

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Apr 26

Does IT have a Problem with Women? by Patrick Gray


Takeaway: If we can shed some of the industry’s juvenile past, while maintaining this merit-based culture, IT will attract all comers, regardless of gender. You’ve likely heard about the kerfuffle over SendGrid’s former Developer Evangelist Adria Richards. The short story is that Ms. Richards overheard comments made in poor taste at a Python developers conference, most noteworthy …

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Apr 07

Latino Techs and Creative Types to Gather and Innovate at Hispanicize 2013


Later this week, I will be attending and speaking at “Hispanicize 2013” in Miami Beach, an annual gathering of those seeking to reach the Hispanic community with new products, ideas and innovative technologies.  These are exciting times as new technologies and services benefiting consumers reach the marketplace.  Today, “creator” types are increasingly working together with the “technology” …

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