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Jan 25

Aetna CEO says Health Care Costs Are Out of Control.

Mark Bertolini_Aetna

Medical expenses remain out of control in the U.S., where Americans have an “unsustainable attitude” that ignores the increasing cost of health care, the chief executive officer of insurer Aetna Inc. said. While the rise in medical costs has slowed since the last recession, the U.S. still needs to switch to a “fundamentally different” system …

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Nov 14

Need for Action on Wireless Airwaves By Jose Marquez


A report published by the CEA, the report finds that on average, smartphone owners spend nearly two hours (114 minutes) a day using their phones. Calling remains the most popular activity (23 minutes).  After that comes texting (20 minutes), email (18 minutes), web surfing (16 minutes) and social networking (11 minutes). While the report does …

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May 01

LISTA Guest Blogger Mario H. Lopez on Leveraging Mobile Broadband for Hispanic Communities

Mario H. Lopez

No one can deny the impact that Hispanics are having on America’s political, cultural, and economic spheres.  Across the nation, Hispanics are not just changing the landscape because of what they do, but rather how they do it. With regard to broadband access – a crucial service that fuels American innovation, job creation, and educational …

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Apr 26

Why We Need to Move Ahead on IP by Ajit Pai.


We can’t regulate modern technologies the way we did Ma Bell The ancient Greek thinker Heraclitus believed that “the only constant is change.” He obviously didn’t have modern telecommunications networks in mind, but his philosophy fully applies to those networks nonetheless. Not too long ago, we lived in a world dominated by monopolies. To make …

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Nov 01

FCC: Communications Outages Could Get Worse.

fcc sandy

Communications outages caused by Sandy could get worse before they get better, Federal Communications Commission Chairman Julius Genachowski warned on Tuesday. Flooding, snow, and other dangerous conditions could slow efforts to restore electricity and communications networks, he told reporters. Wireless communications are especially vulnerable to sustained outages, Genachowski said. Sandy, which ravaged the East Coast, …

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Oct 31

AT&T and T-Mobile Strike Roaming Pact To Improve Service after Sandy

Cell Tower and Osprey

AT&T and T-Mobile are opening up their networks to each other’s customers in New York and New Jersey in an effort to improve coverage and performance in the wake of Hurricane Sandy. Under the roaming deal, users will make calls and use data on whichever network is stronger in their area. Subscribers will not have …

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Oct 29

How To Tether Your Smartphone in Case Hurricane Sandy Knocks Out Your Internet.


If you’re reading this, you’re lucky enough not to live in one of the 100,000-plus homes across Virginia, Delaware, New Jersey, and other states that, as of about 2:45 p.m. Monday, have already lost power due to Hurricane Sandy. You already have a disaster plan for your food and your pets in case of a …

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Jul 16

Uber-connected Latinos Spend Billions on Mobile, says New Study by Kristian Ramos


It’s no secret young people live on their cell or smart phones, but for Latino youth –that rings even truer. A new report written by Mobile Future and the Hispanic institute underlines young Hispanics and new generations of Americans spend heavily on mobile broadband technology – $17.6 billion on mobile devices and more than $500 …

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Jul 16

LISTA Guest Blogger Maria Cardona: “Latino Voices Necessary in Mobile Internet Debates”


There has been a lot of talk about how Latinos need to come out and vote to have their voices heard. But what we haven’t heard enough of is the importance of Latinos becoming active participants in shaping the policies of the technology industry. I have been interested and involved in helping to ensure Latinos …

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Apr 17

After Hispanicise 2012… Latinos Will Definately Need More Spectrum…by Jose Marquez.


Last week, I had the pleasure to be at the Hispanicize 2012 Conference in Miami, Florida. It was one of the most engaging conferences that I attended in over 4 yrs. Bloggers and twitter experts from across the nation came together to discuss best practices and develop strategies for more wireless apps for Latinos, i.e. …

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