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May 24

Chicago Get Ready!! Emerging Tech Leaders’ Summit & Latinas Tech And Leaders Luncheon June 23rd -24th 2016.

Real Technology Leadership for the Next Generation Technology Professional   The Emerging Tech Leaders’ Summit is coming to Chicago Illinois, this tech event is an action-packed summit where ideas flow freely and innovation rules. Innovation is driving every major industry with rapid advances. What are the effects on our community? What are the issues and …

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Mar 31

TechLatino Congratulates UPS on the Appointment of Juan Perez as the Next CIO.

TechLatino Congratulates Juan Perez as UPS ‘s NEW CIO.  “Juan’s breadth of experience and proven track record of innovative and collaborative partnerships makes him the right person to keep UPS at the forefront of technology and informatics,” said Jose A. Marquez, president and chief executive officer (CEO) for TedchLatino: Latinos in Information Sciences and technology Association. “TechLatino …

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Mar 19

Members of Hacking Collective, Anonymous, Have a New Target: They’re Taking Aim at Donald Trump.

Hackers posted what they’re alleging to be Trump’s cell phone number and social security number. CNNMoney cannot independently verify this information. The information, posted on a popular site for Anonymous leaks, also includes phone numbers, home addresses, and other personal information associated with people close to Trump, including his spokesperson, campaign manager and family members. …

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Jan 20

Building on the Legacy of Dr. King with Tech. As seen on Kapor Center Blog


As our country celebrates the life and legacy of Dr. King, we are reminded of the work he and his fellow organizers did to advance social justice in their time. From civil rights to poverty, Dr. King led the charge to address the inequalities that plagued our nation. Half a century later, we face our …

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Jan 14

TechLatino Spotlight: LinkAmerica CEO Andrés Ruzo Doesn’t Know How To Quit as reported by


Ruzo is the founder and CEO of LinkAmerica, an international, warehouse logistics, IT services and solutions company based in Texas with revenues projected to be worth hundreds of millions of dollars – and the distinction of being one of the fastest-growing private companies in the U.S. In 2012, HispanicBusiness awarded it the No. 1 spot on its Fastest-Growing …

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Jan 07

Intel Pledges Diversity by 2020, Invests $300 million.


Intel has set an aggressive goal of dramatically increasing the diversity of its U.S. workforce by 2020. It’s also pledging $300 million to fund the hiring and retention of women and underrepresented minorities, the largest investment yet in diversity by a technology company. Intel  made the announcement during his keynote speech at the Consumer Electronics …

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Nov 10

What Separates Internet Advocates?


In a week of political showdowns, it seems appropriate to reflect on the faceoff in the Internet advocacy world. On the morning of June 10, 1964, Senator Robert C. Byrd ended a 14 hour, 13 minute address. The arguments over the Civil Rights Act of 1964 had given Americans the example of the modern filibuster. …

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Nov 10



Nearly everyone agrees there’s a shortage of cybersecurity professionals across government.  But quantifying the precise cyber talent gap remains an inexact science. “We always hear from agencies that they need more cybersecurity people, but they have a very difficult time pointing to what those positions are,” Tim Polk, assistant director for cybersecurity in the White …

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Sep 29

Nielsen: Hispanic Market Diversity Impacts Consumer Behaviour

While marketers tend to see Hispanic TV viewers as a block, brands would be better served by going back to the basics and learning about the distinctions and nuances between each sub-segment of the Latin consumer market. That’s the word from Nielsen, which noted that while Hispanics en masse have a current spending power of …

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Aug 29

Google VP Lisa Gevelber Agrees…Your Next Big Opportunity: The US Hispanic Market


U.S. Hispanics are ahead of the curve when it comes to digital. They lead in adoption of new devices. They are power users of mobile and over-index in video consumption. But despite the facts, these consumers are vastly underserved, and the opportunities to reach them through digital remain largely untapped. But what, exactly, should marketers …

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