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Jun 28

Are Tech Companies Controlling What We See as News. (INFOGRAPHIC)


For years now we have seen many tech companies grow, these are exciting times in our industry. However for us the Latino Community is still very dependent on spanish language newspapers. Now we are viewing and reading our news on new platforms like tablet and smartphones phone. Now our community relies on Facebook and other …

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May 26

Guest Blogger: Amy Hinojosa, CEO MANA. The Wrong Way to Protect Americans’ Privacy Online

For many years, the Federal Trade Commission has protected Americans on the internet with clear standards and strong enforcement against any unfair or deceptive practices online. The FTC is the lead federal consumer protection agency and has been a strong cop on the beat for our privacy. But in a classic case of the “law …

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May 24

Chicago Get Ready!! Emerging Tech Leaders’ Summit & Latinas Tech And Leaders Luncheon June 23rd -24th 2016.

Real Technology Leadership for the Next Generation Technology Professional   The Emerging Tech Leaders’ Summit is coming to Chicago Illinois, this tech event is an action-packed summit where ideas flow freely and innovation rules. Innovation is driving every major industry with rapid advances. What are the effects on our community? What are the issues and …

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Apr 25

AT&T Introduces Access, a $5 Internet Service for Low-Income Users


AT&T is the latest ISP to introduce packages tailored for qualified low-income homes.  It’s a move that satisfies a condition of AT&T’s merger with DirecTV, which closed last July.Among those targeted conditions, the FCC called on AT&T to provide discounted standalone broadband offerings to low-income consumers in its wireline service area.  The new program, called Access from …

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Apr 20

Blumenthal wants to Stop Hackers from Working on our Cars?

The road to our connected future may be paved with good intentions, but it may not be secure enough to drive on. As reporter Andy Greenberg recently detailed in Wired, hackers were able to remotely disable a Jeep while he was driving it. In a country where car ownership and the freedom of the open road are …

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Apr 15


FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler is circulating a regulatory proposal to his fellow commissioners that he hopes will create additional competition for pay-TV set-top boxes. This comes after a handful of technology companies advanced their own regulatory proposal, often referred to as AllVid. We do not know the full details of what is in Chairman Wheeler’s …

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Apr 12

As it Appeared in USA Today ‘Walking Dead’ Producer Gale Anne Hurd says Feds Unleashing Piracy Apocalypse


FCC set-top box proposal will make zombies of your favorite TV shows.  Back in December of 2013, I attended Variety’s Content Protection Summit and delivered what turned out to be a pretty prophetic statement: “There’s a mistaken belief by many of my peers that piracy is somehow good. … I’m not sure they really understand … that the people …

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Mar 31

TechLatino Congratulates UPS on the Appointment of Juan Perez as the Next CIO.

TechLatino Congratulates Juan Perez as UPS ‘s NEW CIO.  “Juan’s breadth of experience and proven track record of innovative and collaborative partnerships makes him the right person to keep UPS at the forefront of technology and informatics,” said Jose A. Marquez, president and chief executive officer (CEO) for TedchLatino: Latinos in Information Sciences and technology Association. “TechLatino …

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Mar 30

The FCC Should Reexamine its Outdated Approach to Regulating the Internet Ecosystem By Rosa Mendoza, Executive Director, HTTP

The Hispanic Technology and Telecommunications Partnership (HTTP) has always been a strong supporter of an open Internet but disagrees with the regulatory approach taken by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to enforce net neutrality principles. After the FCC voted last year to implement outdated and burdensome regulations on ISPs, we released a statement expressing our concern that …

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Feb 13

TechLatino: Latinos in Information Sciences and Technology Association Announces Emerging Tech Leaders Summit..

Latinas Tech Leaders Power Luncheon – 2013

Their 6th Annual Emerging Tech Leadership Summit Series Kickoff and National TechLatino Achievers Award. TechLatino: Latinos in Information Sciences and Technology Association (LISTA) announced today the LISTA 8th Annual Emerging Technology Leadership Summit Series Kickoff and National Latino Technology Achievers Awards will be hosted in Sacramento California by the LISTA NorCal TechLatino Council.  LISTA’s 8th Annual …

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