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Dec 15

The Real Cost of Regulating the Internet.


The open Internet debate has long focused on protecting content developers from discriminatory treatment by Internet service providers (ISPs). Those who advocate in favor of strong network neutrality rules typically argue that “the next Facebook” or “the next Google” will never see the light of day in a world where ISPs can arbitrarily block or …

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Oct 10

LISTA Supports the Federal Communications Commission and Designated Entity (DE) program.


Latinos in Information Sciences and Technology Association (LISTA) share our public support of the Federal Communications Commission as they release the Notice for Proposed Rulemaking focused on the Designated Entity (DE) program. Latinos continue to increase in their use of mobile devices and wireless services.  We see today’s release of the NPRM as the next …

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Sep 26

Battle over Internet Regulations is the Civil Rights Struggle of the 21st Century.

Digital Life A Closer_Garc

The battle over the nation’s high-speed Internet policy is a complicated one and, if carried out inadequately, could spur a series of unintentional outcomes. That conflict is being fought out at the Federal Communications Commission as it considers the Open Internet issue, sometimes referred to as Net Neutrality. Take it from an engineer with 20 …

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Aug 02



Latinos in Information Science and Technology Association (LISTA) applaud the Federal Commission Communications, the agency responsible for oversight of the nation’s communications system, for its timely and promising circulation of a proposed rule making on the Designated Entity (DE) program, created to identify and preserve small businesses for FCC’s spectrum auctions.  LISTA, the nation’s leading …

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Jun 17

Looking for a Needle in a Haystack

Big data supply chain

When you look into all the computers, smartphones, tablets and devices connected to the Internet, you begin to get a feel for the size of the data set from which cyber intelligence is gathered. This subject has drawn a significant amount of interest ever since the Edward Snowden leaks and that is sure to continue …

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May 19

As it Appeared in HB: Social Enterprises: A Beacon in Tough Times.


Social Enterprises: A Beacon in Tough Times by Michael Caplinger — The social enterprise landscape is booming, despite economic indicators that should suggest otherwise. Organizations that exist to assist people without any regard for their own bottom line become more necessary in difficult economic times. Yet the same double-edged sword that makes them necessary also makes …

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May 19

Nation’s Top Broadband Internet CEOs Urge FCC To Protect Open Internet

With the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) set to unveil a revised net neutrality proposal on Thursday, twenty-eight CEOs from America’s top broadband Internet companies today sent a letter to the agency urging Commissioners to maintain the light touch regulatory approach that has helped create millions of jobs and vastly improved consumer choice. The signers – CEOs of …

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Mar 14

US to Relinquish Admin Control of Internet.


U.S. officials announced plans to relinquish federal government control over the administration of the Internet, a move likely to please international critics but alarm many business leaders and others who rely on smooth functioning of the Web. Pressure to let go of the final vestiges of U.S. authority over the system of Web addresses and …

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Feb 25

Netflix Cuts Deal with Comcast to Speed Service


Netflix has agreed to pay Comcast to ensure that its movies and TV shows stream more quickly, the latest evidence of a shift in the balance of power in favor of Internet service providers. Emboldened by a mid-January federal appeals court ruling that eliminated “net neutrality” rules, which had prohibited Internet providers from prioritizing content, …

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Feb 08

María Contreras-Sweet se sube al “Motor de la Economía”


Que María Contreras-Sweet haya sido la selección del presidente Obama para tomar el timón de la Administración de Pequeños de Estados Unidos no responde a razones fortuitas. Mujer, banquera de éxito y una latina nacida en México, Contreras es también el rostro del sector más pujante de la economía estadounidense. De acuerdo con el Buró …

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