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Mar 14

Walmart’s $250B Investment in America Gets Actor Death Threats.


With one 60-second commercial, Walmart announced a massive investment in American manufacturing. And as a result, Mike Rowe, who voiced the ads, has received death threats. Walmart announced via the “I Am a Factory” commercial that it will spend an additional $250 billion over the next 10 years on American-made goods. “At Walmart, we believe in making …

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Jan 24

Happy 30th Anniversary Macintosh. Thanks For Dreaming Big Steve Jobs.

30yr mac

Decades before changing the world with iPhones and iPads, Apple transformed home computing with the Macintosh. The friendly desktop machine referred to as the “Mac” and, importantly, the ability to control it by clicking on icons with a “mouse,” opened computing to non-geeks in much the way that touchscreens later allowed almost anyone get instantly …

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Dec 11

LISTA Congratulates General Motors for their choice in CEO


For the first time ever, a woman is the head honcho as a major automaker – and she’s Latina, mi gente! According to USA Today, and multiple outle51-year-old Mary Barra has been named the new CEO at General Motors. Barra, who is the executive vice president of GM’s global product development, purchasing and supply chain, …

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