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Feb 18

Rural towns up in arms over broadband service bill


A bill that would prohibit counties, cities and government authorities from expanding broadband service in some places is going to face a fight. House Bill 282 by state Rep. Mark Hamilton, R-Cumming, says public broadband subsidized by public money should stick to underserved areas, leaving companies to handle the load everywhere else. But some rural …

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Jan 18

“Broadband access is no longer a luxury” Schumer says


“We are here to talk today about hundreds of millions of dollars of federal support that could go to economic development in Sullivan and Orange counties,” Senator Charles Schumer said on Wednesday at the Orange County Business Accelerator in New Windsor. “But instead it’s collecting dust in DC coffers.” Schumer, along with representatives from Orange …

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Jan 07

Social Media Slows Us Down by Innis Buggs


There’s only one thing left to do: confess while you still have time. Let’s face it, the daily grind started well, but became more mundane by the hour and your virtual “social life” just couldn’t wait. In fact, why should it? It only takes a few minutes to hop online and update the Facebook status …

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Dec 19

9 Worst Productivity Suckers by Dawn Rasmussen


By virtue of technology, we are increasingly becoming a more efficient society and civilization. In our hands, we carry tools that can book our travel, look up a restaurant, review conference agendas, and a bazillion other functions. Sure, it has helped us be more efficient in a lot of different ways, but with the increased demands …

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Nov 26

Google Search Manipulation: Say it isn’t so!!


As Google continues to transform itself into an entity building all things for the Internet, concerns and criticisms about its platform are building. Is the platform putting small business and buyers at a disadvantage by giving better placement to businesses lining its pockets? Way back in 1998 when Google launched, its core product was search …

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Nov 12

Could AT&T Network Investments Benefit our Community? Yes. It will Spur New Jobs Growth and Opportunity.

tech jobs.

The recent announcement by AT&T of its plan to invest an additional $14 billion to expand wired and wireless networks is a boon for Latino Internet users.  With updated networks utilizing advanced Internet Protocol (IP)-based wireline and wireless technologies like high-speed 4G LTE, Latino consumers and businesses will realize greater education, health and professional development …

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Nov 07

Watch President Obama Deliver Victory Speech After Winning 2012 Election


After a close race, President Barack Obama thanked “every American who participated in this election” as he spoke in Chicago, Illinois on Tuesday night. Obama won re-election on November 6, beating out rival former Gov. Mitt Romney. Of winning re-election, the president said in his remarks, “I return to the White House more determined and more …

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Sep 28

FCC Chairman Should Clarify Tiered Pricing Remarks


Tech news blog GigaOm reported this week that FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski might be backpedaling on his stated support for pricing flexibility for broadband Internet services.  If true, that would be an unfortunate – and unprecedented – flip flop on a key issue that has given high-tech entrepreneurs some certainty amid this economic turmoil. Dating back to 2010, …

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Jul 13

Good News for Small Business: Ryan Caldbeck of CircleUp discusses Crowdfunding with Brent Leary


There’s good news for small business. If you operate a small business, by now you know how challenging it can be to find investors. The good news is that all of this is about to change. Ryan Caldbeck, CEO and Founder of CircleUp, joins Brent Leary to share his solution, a crowdfunding platform for the …

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Jun 11

Randall Stephenson: Spectrum and the Wireless Revolution


Randall Stephenson: Spectrum and the Wireless Revolution By RANDALL STEPHENSON The latest mobile devices give us the power to summon maps in distant cities, watch the news under a shady tree, or adjust our home thermostats from the airport lounge. This power at our fingertips is provided by major advances in our networks and increasingly powerful …

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