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Jun 28

Are Tech Companies Controlling What We See as News. (INFOGRAPHIC)


For years now we have seen many tech companies grow, these are exciting times in our industry. However for us the Latino Community is still very dependent on spanish language newspapers. Now we are viewing and reading our news on new platforms like tablet and smartphones phone. Now our community relies on Facebook and other …

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Jun 09

Changing The Latino Narrative In The Age Of ‘Big Content by Giovanni Rodriguez


Earlier this week, New York Times columnist Jim Rutenberg joined the legions of media watchers who see the Trump phenomenon as a case study in content marketing, not just a political campaign. It’s an interesting way to evaluate a 24×7  reality show brought to you by the entertainment company Rutenberg calls “Trump Productions, Inc.” And the analysis comes at a …

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May 13

The Blockchain is the New Google Book Excerpt by by William Mougayar


The following is an excerpt from The Business Blockchain: Promise, Practice, and Application of the Next Internet Technology by William Mougayar. In it, Mougayar waxes ecstatic about the future of distributed databases. At its core, the blockchain is a technology that permanently records transactions in a way that cannot be later erased but can only be sequentially …

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Apr 25

How Game of Thrones and the FCC’s Set-top Box Proposal are Intertwined.

gamesof thrones

Last night, HBO’s wildly popular Game of Thrones returned for its sixth season. We won’t provide any spoilers for those who haven’t yet watched the show but we will highlight an aspect of the show that is important for tech policy and the FCC’s set-top box mandate. That aspect is how the show can be …

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Apr 18


This morning, the White House published a blog on an ongoing FCC proceeding discussing the future of TV technology and weighing in on what kind of set top box you should have in your home. We are disappointed that White House political advisers are choosing to inject politics and inflammatory rhetoric into a regulatory proceeding by what is supposed to …

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Apr 12

As it Appeared in USA Today ‘Walking Dead’ Producer Gale Anne Hurd says Feds Unleashing Piracy Apocalypse


FCC set-top box proposal will make zombies of your favorite TV shows.  Back in December of 2013, I attended Variety’s Content Protection Summit and delivered what turned out to be a pretty prophetic statement: “There’s a mistaken belief by many of my peers that piracy is somehow good. … I’m not sure they really understand … that the people …

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Feb 13

TechLatino: Latinos in Information Sciences and Technology Association Announces Emerging Tech Leaders Summit..

Latinas Tech Leaders Power Luncheon – 2013

Their 6th Annual Emerging Tech Leadership Summit Series Kickoff and National TechLatino Achievers Award. TechLatino: Latinos in Information Sciences and Technology Association (LISTA) announced today the LISTA 8th Annual Emerging Technology Leadership Summit Series Kickoff and National Latino Technology Achievers Awards will be hosted in Sacramento California by the LISTA NorCal TechLatino Council.  LISTA’s 8th Annual …

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Oct 07

President Obama Can Lead the Diversity Effort Among his Allies in Silicon Valley By Jose Marquez

jam new 1

The White House recently reached into the ranks of Google to fill the post of technology czar. It was just the latest example of a Google executive joining the administration, leaving little doubt about the special relationship the company has with President Obama. As it turns out, word of the high-profile appointment of Megan Smith …

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Sep 26

Battle over Internet Regulations is the Civil Rights Struggle of the 21st Century.

Digital Life A Closer_Garc

The battle over the nation’s high-speed Internet policy is a complicated one and, if carried out inadequately, could spur a series of unintentional outcomes. That conflict is being fought out at the Federal Communications Commission as it considers the Open Internet issue, sometimes referred to as Net Neutrality. Take it from an engineer with 20 …

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Aug 02



Latinos in Information Science and Technology Association (LISTA) applaud the Federal Commission Communications, the agency responsible for oversight of the nation’s communications system, for its timely and promising circulation of a proposed rule making on the Designated Entity (DE) program, created to identify and preserve small businesses for FCC’s spectrum auctions.  LISTA, the nation’s leading …

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