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Mar 25

Disney CTO Vince Roberts Details Production Technology Areas in the Pipeline


Calling Disney an “entertainment technology company” at Imagine Communications and GatesAir’s launch event earlier this week, Vince Roberts, CTO and evp, global operations for Disney/ABC Television Group, gave a preview of various production tools that are prototypes and in the pipeline. Here are four areas the company is exploring. 1. Flying Jib. It’s what you think it …

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Jul 09

Target Reminded Bosses Not All Hispanic Employees Eat Tacos, Wear Sombreros: Lawsuit Article from Huff Po by Kim Bhasin


Three former employees are suing Target for discrimination, citing a document the company distributed to managers with reminders that not all Hispanics eat tacos and burritos or wear sombreros. The former warehouse workers’ lawsuit, filed in California’s Yolo County, claims they were victims of discrimination on the job, and that Target’s “Multi-Cultural Tips” for managers …

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May 14

LISTA Applauds HABLA Awards for Heading West to Houston, TX


Habla Adds More Dates during Hispanic Heritage Month With $20,000 in Academic Scholarships, Verizon and Lanza Group, LLC Adds Houston to Atlanta, Charlotte, and Orlando HABLA Awards Line Up As the number of Hispanic professionals and community leaders continue to grow, it is fitting that the annual Hispanic Achievement & Business Leadership Awards (HABLA) luncheon, which …

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May 09

State Farm Wants A Few Good Neighbors To Stay In The Right Lane And Test Its Driving App.


In a novel exercise that is one part mobile app beta-test and one part clever branding, State Farm is looking for 5000 people to download its RightLane Android app for testing. The company is trying to see how much driving information it can collect accurately without the plug-in devices that are commonplace among some insurance …

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Jan 08

So Who Gets Custody of the Facebook Profile Info After a Divorce?


Stacy Thibodeaux was furious when she discovered pictures of her children on her ex-husband’s online dating profile soon after they divorced. “I went through the roof,” Thibodeaux, 45, remembers. She confronted her ex, saying it wasn’t appropriate to have their young children’s images on She says he simply blocked her from viewing his profile. …

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Dec 13

Four Last-Minute Holiday Content Marketing Ideas by PRWeb


Content is king” is one of those marketing buzz-phrases you hear all the time, but it’s not just hype. Strategic and relevant content sets your brand apart in the minds of customers facing a barrage of marketing messages – especially in the noisy last weeks of the holiday season. Here are four ways to use …

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Oct 30

Windows Phone 8 Hands On: Microsoft May Have a Winner


We go hands on with Microsoft’s latest Windows Phone operating system for the first time, and it appears like Windows Phone 8 may have some fight in it. Windows Phone’s journey began long ago, in 2010. Back then, BlackBerry was still a viable brand and Palm was alive. It appeared like Microsoft was about to …

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Aug 13

Things that Make You Say Ummm- 9 Reasons to Quit Social Media Now by Erik Sass


That may seem like a strange headline for a blog devoted to all things social media-related, but several news stories about social media have finally pushed me over the edge: I have to share my own growing skepticism about social media from a purely personal perspective. Yes, social media represents an amazing advance in communications …

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Jul 26

Setting The Record Straight: 5 Common Misconceptions About Instagram by Vicky Hastings


It’s a phone … it’s a camera … it’s a smartphone! With the ability to take great pictures on their phones, travelers are sharing vacation photos with their personal networks more than ever. Instagram, the popular mobile app, enables users to manipulate photos with filters and then post, like and comment on other’s pictures. It’s …

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Jul 26

LISTA Guest Blogger: Charlie Neugebauer Same But Different Engage Hispanics


So we ask ourselves should the creative be aligned with the general market or should it be unique and culturally relevant? Of course, it should be both. All brand communication at its core needs a consistent voice whatever the audience, otherwise the brand becomes diluted and schizophrenic. And, certainly, it needs to be relevant to …

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