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Jun 23

FCC May Budge on Cable Box After Hearing From Google and AT&T


The Federal Communications Commission is considering changes to Chairman Tom Wheeler’s proposal to break cable companies’ hold on the set-top box market, following a joint counteroffer from cable providers and AT&T Inc., and a nod from their rival Google. “Chairman Wheeler has repeatedly said he is interested in a constructive dialogue,” Kim Hart, an FCC …

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Apr 25

AT&T Introduces Access, a $5 Internet Service for Low-Income Users


AT&T is the latest ISP to introduce packages tailored for qualified low-income homes.  It’s a move that satisfies a condition of AT&T’s merger with DirecTV, which closed last July.Among those targeted conditions, the FCC called on AT&T to provide discounted standalone broadband offerings to low-income consumers in its wireline service area.  The new program, called Access from …

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Feb 03

FCC won’t release Open Internet Details Ahead of Feb. 26 Vote.


The Federal Communications Commission will not publicly release Internet regulations before they are voted on later this month.  Federal Communications Commission Chairman Tom Wheeler on Monday formally denied a request from congressional Republicans to release the text of those net neutrality rules when they are circulated among the commissioners later this week.  Releasing the draft …

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Sep 15

NCTA Submits Open Internet Rules Reply Comments


Today, NCTA submitted its reply comments to the FCC regarding the proposed new Open Internet Rules. As we’ve said before, cable broadband providers are unequivocally committed to building and maintaining an open Internet experience. That means we support the original principles of Net Neutrality – that all legitimate Internet traffic should be treated equally when traveling over …

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