Apr 05

Protecting Hispanic Students who Attend Career Colleges.

Many Hispanic students across the country attend career colleges to pursue degrees in crucial fields such as technology, healthcare and culinary arts.  Flexible class schedules and graduation timelines help students who are working fulltime, taking care of a family or pursuing a new career path. Programs are specifically tailored to prepare students with real-world skills that will help them get a job.

However, the Department of Education is proposing a new regulation that will make it harder for students who want to attend these schools receive financial aid. Known as “Gainful Employment” this rule will deny financial aid to students if they don’t meet an arbitrary ratio of how much debt they will incur vs. how much they will make after they graduate. With issues of overcrowding at community colleges and traditional four-year universities not always being the best fit for all students, career colleges play an important role in preparing students with actual skills that will help them get jobs and compete in this economy.

Members of Congress are outraged by the impact this rule is going to have on minority students and the House of Representatives recently passed a bi-partisan amendment as part of the Continuing Resolution to defund this rule and prevent it from being implemented. Just this week, several Hispanic groups urged the Senate Majority Leader, Harry Reid (D-NV), to follow the leadership of the House and ensure that Gainful Employment is defunding in the budget.  While budget negotiations take place this weekend, we urge Congress to fight for minority access to valuable career college programs and defund the Gainful Employment rule.

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