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DECEMBER 1, 2010 – Today the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Chairman Julius Genachowski held a press conference in Washington D.C. to announce the framework of his plans on Net Neutrality. The following response to the announcement can be attributed to Jose Marquez-Leon, National CEO of Latinos in Information Sciences and Technology Association.


“Latinos in Information Sciences and Technology Association (LISTA) believes that the Federal Communications Commission is acting in a judicious manner as it negotiates a compromise for regulating the open Internet.  Furthermore, LISTA believes the middle ground solution proposed by FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski will go a long way toward supporting Latinos who work in the science, mathematics, information sciences, new media, telecommunications, and technology sector.


The FCC’s approach with regard to this sensitive matter demonstrates that it is taking into account the diverse needs of our communities and the many voices of universal broadband adoption advocates throughout the country.  LISTA considers itself one of the staunchest advocates of 100% broadband availability to all Americans and bridging the digital divide.


It is time to focus our efforts on the priorities important to the American public: jobs, innovation and recovery. By putting to rest the debate surrounding net neutrality this will allow the FCC and private sector participants to concentrate their effort to implement the all-important National Broadband Plan and search for solutions that will ultimately lessen the digital divide. LISTA looks forward to continued collaboration with the FCC as a key voice in this debate and to ensure that Latinos and all Americans reap the many benefits of broadband and health information technology. 




About Latino in Information Sciences and Technology Association (LISTA)  

LISTA (www.a-lista.org) promotes the utilization of the technology sectors for the empowerment of the Latino community. We are an organization that is committed to bringing various elements of Technology under one central hub to facilitate our partners, members and the community with the leverage and education they need to succeed in a highly advanced technologically driven society.


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