Nov 21

IT Management: Non-Certified Technology Skills: the Top 25 Right Now by eWeeks Don E. Sears

There’s no secret in the formula: For the most part, the more IT skills you have, the better pay you get. The following alphabetical gallery lists the top 25 skills in technology with increased demand in pay for the third quarter. These are non-certified skills, meaning they don’t necessarily require a technology worker to have a certification, yet they do require experience. These skills were sourced by Foote Partners, a Vero Beach, Fla., technology research company that tracks certified and non-certified IT skills.

One certified skill that lost value over the summer was security, which had been the most resilient and consistently growing skill set for four straight years. David Foote, chief research officer and founder of Foote Partners, said the following in an Oct. 29 statement about the first decline and downward trend in security certifications since 2006:

“The decline in market values for [security] certifications that has suddenly appeared in our new benchmark research is simply an indication that Act One is coming to an end, not a sign that security talent is being devalued. … We’re entering a transition period time for security professionals, and they’ll have to be patient while it plays out.”

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