Mar 20

March for America: Change Takes Courage!

LISTA — Will be in Washington DC this Sunday March 21 2010 Marching for Immigration Rights… See you at the Capital.

Remember Today We March — Tomorrow We Vote

We are excited about heading to Washington D.C. to ensure we have our collective voice heard on a very important and pressing issue within our community:  COMPREHENSIVE IMMIGRATION REFORM!

To borrow a phrase from the U.S. Hispanic Leadership Institute’s recent conference theme, “Adelante:  The Time is NOW!”  The time is NOW for us to take a moment and ensure there is enough political pressure and commitment from our elected officials to make comprehensive immigration reform possible in 2010.  The moment is historic and I want to be there.  Tens of thousands of others from all over our nation will be there as well.

Will YOU join us?

GALEO, ABLE, and GLAHR are coordinating buses and the response from our community has been amazing!  Overall, we potentially will have a collective of 20 buses or more leaving the Metro Atlanta area for this March!  Will you join us and reserve your space?  This will be an historic trip and hope that you would join us!  Make your reservation TODAY!

Even before we get to DC, OUR collective voices are being heard loudly and clearly.  President Obama met with Senators working on the legislation and indicated that our March is a big reason for the urgency.  We will make our mark in Washington D.C. on March 21st and then bring that energy home to Georgia to make immigration reform a reality in 2010.  We will also follow through with engaging in the 2010 Elections.

YOUR voice and contribution is needed.

Get on the bus with us and be a part of history!  If you cannot be on the bus, please make a contribution to help us take someone in your stead.

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