Mar 15

iMedicalApps – Interview with Albert Santalo, CEO Care Cloud.

About Care Cloud

Since the inception of the modern healthcare industry after WWII, the U.S. has been plagued with a daunting amount of wasteful spending related to healthcare.

For the first time, the technology has come of age that truly allows us to change that reality and to take back those wasted healthcare dollars and redeploy them towards real benefits. These benefits will take the form of better healthcare services, a reduction in annual health insurance premium increases and broader coverage of healthcare benefits for our citizens.

At CareCloud, we are continually building systems to eliminate this administrative waste and enhance healthcare providers’ ability to deliver great care. We have assembled a team of the finest and most passionate technologists and designers. These individuals have come together with a mission to build the most powerful infrastructure ever created for the healthcare system while delivering the best business software applications over that infrastructure.

As large an industry as healthcare is, there is a shocking shortage of well-built software applications to serve its needs. Most software was written using software development tools and technologies created in the 1990’s, essentially the infancy of the Internet. Software applications and tools from that era provide a very poor user experience compared to the tools of today.

CareCloud is working 100% untethered. We have an unwavering focus on human-centered design for our products and are utilizing the most modern tools and technologies available to provide the richest user experience possible. The Internet is now a truly ubiquitous platform whereby essentially all of healthcare’s key constituents participate. We are leveraging the power of the Open Source Community to harness the collective brainpower of the Internet and even delivering our systems on the latest platforms such as the iPhone. In this manner we are always available to our customers wherever they are and at any time. CareCloud is not concerned with whether a customer has a Windows PC or a Mac as our systems work on any platform and on any browser. Our information is available all the time and anywhere using essentially any device.

The pace of technological change increases exponentially. More technology has been developed between 2000 and 2009 than in all of the 20th century. We continue to see far too many companies using rigid and obsolete systems from past eras even today. Our mission is to facilitate bringing the latest and greatest to the forefront of healthcare.

Most importantly, we at CareCloud are “living the dream.” We founded our company during an unprecedented time in the history of our economy. While much of the market was in decline, decreasing R&D spending or simply perishing, we were busy building. Our vision, passion and commitment allowed us to secure the necessary financing, build a team of employee-owners and get to work on the future. We believe that the key to living a meaningful life is to aim high in purpose, doing something you love with great people who share your same values. We consider ourselves lucky to have that reality.


Albert Santalo
Founder and CEO

About CareCloud

CareCloud is a web-based software and services company that modernizes the workflow in a medical practice. Visit CareCloud online at www.carecloud.com or www.twitter.com/carecloud.

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