Feb 23

Broadband for America Study Shows Importance of Investment

 Broadband for America has released a new study on the important contributions to the U.S. economy made by private investment in communication and information technology.

The study was conducted by Robert W. Crandall and Hal J. Singer – both experts in the economics of the telecommunications industry – and shows the massive investments made in mobile and wired Internet capacity by the major network providers has created hundreds of thousands of jobs over the past six years. 

The authors caution that the explosive growth in broadband access will be severely limited if “new regulatory changes undermine the incentives of broadband service providers to continue to invest.” 

“Thus, the increases in broadband’s reach, penetration, capabilities, and services which we have seen over the past seven years with a minimum of government interference should be embraced by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) as it moves through the process of creating a National Broadband Policy.” 

 The complete study is available here.

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